Windsor 3-Tone Electronic Whistle - Stripes Plus

Windsor 3-Tone Electronic Whistle


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A sanitary and convenient way to referee games! The Windsor Three Tone electronic whistle is ideal for sports and physical education classes, police, personal security and more. Designed to be very slightly smaller than the Fox 40 Three tone whistle to better fit the average hand, the Windsor Three Tone electronic whistle features the same electronic parts as the Fox 40 model as well as the same features. 

The push-button design is a more sanitary design for multiple users, and allows for sounding the whistle without placing it on your lips - perfect for use while wearing a mask, speaking or running while sounding the whistle at the same time.

Three selectible whistle tones allows you to choose the proper sound for your use, as well as to have its own distinct tone to identify it from other whistles being used nearby.  Ideal for all climates, this three-tone electronic whistle is ideal for coaches, referees, lifeguards, personal security and more.  Includes an adjustable wrist strap and 2 AAA batteries.


  • Loud consistent sound every time

  • Easier to give verbal commands without a whistle in the user's mouth

  • Each set of AAA batteries produce more than 1000 blasts

  • Loud 105db whistle sound can be aimed in the exact direction intended

  • Hand-operated instead of mouth blown is sanitary for multiple users

  • Three-tone sports whistle 

  • Includes adjustable wrist strap and 2 AAA batteries

  • 1-year warranty

  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches ; 3.84 ounces

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